Most of the websites developed in IT Design studio are operated on the basis of our own brand Maya.CMS.


Application of our content management system allows our customers to avoid unnecessary expenses: depending on your site complexity, purchase of a qualitative commercial CMS soft may require up to 2500 euro, while application of Maya.CMS provides you with a perfectly designed content management system for free, allowing to use its function possibilities in times more efficient than that of free soft analogs.


Like most existing systems Maya.CMS allows you to work efficiently with web pages system (ex. to add unlimited number of pages creating a tree circuit of any complexity, delete and amend pages with the help of modern DHTML editor TinyMCE), at the same time, it has a number of highly useful features distinguishing it from any other CMS.


Design and structure of sections

Maya.CMS does not impose any restrictions on either design of your website or structure of its sections. There are no templates or allowed preset constructions that have to be complied with.



Maya.CMS has an intuitively easy and absolutely logical interface. We also provide our clients with free personnel training and manuals.


Morphological search

Maya.CMS has its own morphological website search that displays search results by relevance criteria. It means, the system allows you to apply mechanism analogical to that implemented by Yandex and Google systems but within a single website.



Maya.CMS allows you to develop and connect sales catalogues or catalogues of any other necessary structure and complexity: articles, photographs, music files etc.). In general, management of catalogues may challenge search by its popularity. As a result, usability level related to organization of this process as considerably effects the efficiency, as convenience in administrator’s work.



Maya.CMS offers great flexibility in operation of Photo galleries of any type. You may say that it should be closely related to catalogue administration. However, work with images has lots of peculiarities, this is why we classified it separately and supplied our Maya.CMS with special tools aimed to make the operation more convenient. By this we mean primarily application of all special effects, available for instance in jquery.


Search Optimization

Maya.CMS application guarantees its user a number of convenient and effective tools for SEO.

  • Friendly-to-user URLs;
  • Strict URL uniqueness support (no URL duplication variants, ex. with and without "/");
  • Allows to save any previous URLs during the system installation;
  • Work with all meta tags directly through administrator's panel;
  • Automatic sitemap creation in any available format (sitemap.xml or html).