Need a website?

With every year, it becomes more and more difficult to find a field of business activity that does not require a website for its representation. Internet has long ago ceased to be a tool for “public aware only”, today it‘s an irreplaceable assistant in both customers or business partners attraction, as well as search for products and services. A company without a website arouses mistrust, inconvenience, and misunderstanding.


Need a website? — We offer development of websites of any complexity:

  • online business card
  • corporate website
  • branding website
  • promo website
  • online shop
  • portal

See some of our works in Portfolio.


For every project we develop individual design. You can be sure that our designers won’t just offer you one or two model variants – they will work until achievement of the result that will 100% satisfy your needs and style preferences.


Most of websites we develop function on the basis of our own brand CMS (Maya.CMS), a proprietary designed software allowing our clients to avoid additional expenses for buying licenses and installation of commercial CMS like Bitrix or Umi, that can cost in some configurations up to 1000 (and sometimes even 2500) euro. At the same time, Maya.CMS functionality by far exceeds freeware like drupal, or joomla.


Along with website development, we offer the following services:

  • website support
  • search promotion and SEO services
  • translation of web content into any of 70 world most common languages if you need multilingual web resource
  • copywriting services - website content writing in Russian, English and other European and Asian languages
  • logos and corporate identity development


Warranty: websites developed in our company get one-year free warranty service and technical support. All possible minor coding and functional errors detected during that period will be immediately fixed. We also provide free personnel training.